Lockdown… once again

Here we go again!

We find ourselves in similar circumstances that less than a year ago were thrown at us. Does this make it any easier? In some ways, we know what to expect, to a degree, but ‘COVID Fatigue’ and cold winter days make it feel an uphill struggle.

There are many housing professionals quite rightly worried about the process of ensuring compliance during our current lockdown, and the issue of a backlog after the lockdown has finished. Plus the additional budgetary worry of how do we pay for this catch-up?!

During the last lockdown, TCW provided a level of insight for new and old clients to help plan and act around essential investment needs.

Via a simple retrofit process organisations were able to upload all of their digital documents into TCW so that the data contained could be structured in a way that pinpointed areas of higher risk, at a granular level.


We know that servicing will be once again smaller, so having the ability to find the critical issues rather than trying to follow typical periodical inspections enables our clients to concentrate on making sure high-risk assets are given priority. This ensures that money is spent where it is most needed, and organisations can be leaner with their financial obligations while keeping their tenants safe.

Entering into another lockdown, we have decided to again push this offer out to all #UKHousing to enable organisations to see with greater clarity than before. *This is in confidence.

If you would like to utilise our technology over the next four weeks please contact Ryan DempseyDarren DempseyMatthew StephensonGemma Sutcliffe or email info@TCWin.co.uk.

With an average weekly ingest of 20K documents, across a variety of certification tools and document types we have insight into vast amounts of information and carry out essential checks without human intervention and without any requirements from our clients to change their workflow or the tools they use.

Example of insight that can be gleaned with TCW

Have a chat with us and see how we can help your organisation info@TCWin.co.uk.

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting changes and new functionality launching soon!

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